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Organizing is the New Cool is the product of collective brainstorming sessions initiated by the filmmakers to determine what, if anything, they could do to encourage greater activism among people in their Atlanta community and beyond. Dismayed that more people were not choosing to get active, they ultimately surmised that many potential organizers either did not know the path to activism or were intimidated by retrograde misconceptions about what an activist looks and acts like and how they are perceived by their peers. The film stands as a multimedia renunciation of out molded stereotypes about activists. It showcases how a new cadre of activists reinvent collective organizing and animate an admirably authentic and unabashedly hip leadership style which attracts followers and provokes reconsideration. What’s more, in showing us the varied “Cools” which define its featured activists- and refuting the notion that there is a single prototype for activists- the film will help viewers to conceptualize their own unique activist self and arm them with a foundation of knowledge about how to get active and grow change within their community.

Our film, Organizing is the New Cool is the culmination of years of collective work by our team of filmmakers, this film has been a labor of love and one of our most fulfilling projects.  Now as we prepare to finalize Organizing is the New Cool and bring it to audiences worldwide, we need your help.

We launched a campaign seeking collective co-investment in this effort on RaiseitUp.com, a new crowdfunding website based in Atlanta.  Raise it Up harnesses the power of collective action to generate organic community improvement, connecting change agents around the world to bring innovative ideas and needed resources together. Given that our film highlights the stories of individuals seeking to improve their community, we are happy to partner with Raise it Up to complete, promote and gain co-investment in this dynamic film.

To learn more about the film, and to co-invest in exchange for rewards visit www.raiseitup.com/OITNC

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